7 Tips to Help Your Kid Sleep Alone

Tips to make your kid sleep alone, from lernin blog

We’ve already talked about how sleeping is not cool at all when you’re a kid. Going to bed means missing on a lot of stuff. Kids’ FOMO is real. But today we are here to talk about something different: we’re here to give you some very useful tips on how to make your kid sleep alone.

There are many reasons why a kid might not want to sleep alone: they might be afraid of darkness, they might think there are monsters in their room, or they might just need your company a bit too much. Whatever the reason, these tips should help your kid accept the fact they can’t sleep with you forever.

How to make it easier for your kid to sleep alone

1. Leave an auxiliary light on

Auxiliary light to help kid sleep alone, from lernin blog

Many kids are afraid of the dark. If this is your child’s case, leaving a dim light will most probably help them sleep on their own more easily.

2. Let them sleep with a cuddly toy

That’s like not sleeping alone, right?

[Personal story moment: I used to be super scared of sleeping on my own. My parents got me this HUGE cuddly toy. It was bigger than me, so to me it felt like I was not sleeping alone. Totally worked.]

3. Check out for monsters

We know, we know, we gave you this tip already, but it just applies here too. If you make them feel safe in their room, it will be a lot easier for them to sleep on their own.

4. Reward peaceful nights

kid picking breakfast after sleeping alone, from lernin blog

If your kid has been good and hasn’t tried to sneak into your bed, or hasn’t made a drama out of the whole sleeping alone thing, let them know about it by giving them a looooot of cuddle, letting them choose their favourite cereal or letting them pick their outfit (within reason).

By doing this, they will associate sleeping on their own with a reward.

5. Make them love their room

Having a nice room will help then sleep alone, from lernin blog

If they love their room, they won’t want to sleep in yours. Let your kid be part of the redecorating process. Chalkboard paint, walls painted their favourite colour, cuddly toys, stars stickers on the ceiling… Check out Pinterest for some kids bedroom inspiration!

6. Be firm

If your kid tries to slip into your bed in the middle of the night, just take them back to their room. Every single time. If you let them stay once, they will think they will always get away with it.

7.  Leave their door slightly open

By doing this, they’ll feel like you’re somehow there. They will fall asleep hearing your voice in the living room, and that will sure make them feel more calm. You’ll basically be their white noise.

We hope you find these tips useful. If you found the perfect way to make your kid sleep alone without drama, please let us know on the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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