Lernin: Shapes and Colors – Total Makeover!

lernin: shapes and colors new update, from lernin blog

So here we are! Super happy to announce the total makeover we’ve done to Lernin: Shapes and Colors! And super excited to introduce you to the new beautiful lernin universe. It is still a baby, but it will grow and grow so your kid never stops learning while having fun! You can find more info about this update here.


With our new app, you will get to meet two of our new amazing characters. They will guide and lead your kid’s learning journey! Our new app has 16 games thought and designed for kids from 2 to 4 years old to learn the shapes and the colors while having fun. But this is just the beginning, we will add more and more games (very soon) so your kid never gets bored of learning new things!

What’s new on Lernin: Shapes and Colors?

You will notice how much everything has changed the moment you enter the app on smartphone or tablet. Anyway, an image is worth one thousand words, so let us show you with pictures:

What you saw first when you launched the app Vs. What you see now

What you saw when you launched lernin: shapes and colors vs what you now, from lernin blog

Yep, our former mini bubbly monster retired and are now having the time of their lives doing what they liked most: jumping around. But we have two new characters, Alan and Frida, willing to walk alongside your kid as they learn more and more!

You can also tell the drastic design change. Pastel colours replace bright colours. Round shapes have been replaced by geometrical shapes. We hope you like it!

Menu then Vs. Menu now

Menu before Vs. Menu now

Changes here aren’t precisely subtle either. The starry background has been replaced by green, for the numbers games; and orange, for the shapes games. That way, it will be easier to spot the game you want to play. The game icons have also undergone some serious plastic surgery. Don’t they look amazing?

New animations

Animation from Lernin: Shapes and Colors, from lernin blog

There’s no “then Vs. now” picture here, basically because there was nothing similar before! There’s a different animation for every game, all of them incredibly adorable!

Games then Vs. Games now

Colors memory games then Vs now, from lernin: shapes and colors, lernin blog

This image speaks for itself. I mean, those chameleons? Can they be any cuter? Also, some of our games have more levels now.

So, as you can see, our app has changed BIG TIME. So don’t hesitate to download it on Google Play or on the App Store and see how your kid starts learning the shapes and the colors while having a lot of fun!

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