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8 Fun Indoor Activities for the Coldest Days Kids Will Love

It’s winter, so we obviously expect cold weather, rain, snow… Last week’s blizzard might have taken us by surprise, ok.… Read more

Funny Stages Kids Go Through (Without Exception)

Behaviours as old as time. No matter what, no matter when, no matter where, there are some funny stages all… Read more

NYE: New Year’s Eve Traditions Around the World

Somehow 2017 is already over. We know, we know, it feels like it was yesterday last time we counted down… Read more

Pacifier: Yes? No? Until When? Find Out!

Oh… pacifiers. They do bring peace and happiness to the household, don’t they? However, many parents worry their child might… Read more

Lernin: Numbers and Maths educational games for kids

Great news for everyone! For those who already downloaded and enjoyed lernin: Shapes and Colors educational games for kids (we told… Read more

Low Grades: What to Do When Your Child Does Poorly at School

Ideally, parenting would be super easy and everyone’s children would be driven, focused and would have a deep love for… Read more

Thanksgiving: Origin and Traditions Across the US

Thanksgiving is fun, it basically revolves around food, family and friends. Also, it’s a national public holiday, so it means… Read more

Bath Time: All You Need to Know to Make Your Kid Enjoy It

Many kids see bath time as wasted time. This goes on until puberty hits them with “I like this kid… Read more

Why Your Kids Need Privacy and How You Can Give It to Them

Worrying is part of being a parent. The moment we have a kid, we know it’s going to be decades… Read more

Travelling with Kids Without Wanting to Give Up On Life

“Are we there yet? How long will it take? Muuuuum, Mike is trying to steal my toy from me! I… Read more

22 Weird Things Kids Do that We Did But Don’t Understand Now

Sometimes our kids do stuff we just don’t understand. But hey, just a friendly reminder that we were kids too,… Read more

7 Tips to Help Your Kid Sleep Alone

We’ve already talked about how sleeping is not cool at all when you’re a kid. Going to bed means missing… Read more

DIY Halloween Spooktacular Decoration Ideas

Halloween is coming! We know, we know, stores have been claiming so for ages already, but we didn’t want to… Read more

Halloween: How It All Started and Traditions Around the World

Halloween is pretty much every kid’s favourite holiday. But, when you think of this day, there’s a lot more to… Read more

Lernin: Shapes and Colors – Total Makeover!

So here we are! Super happy to announce the total makeover we’ve done to Lernin: Shapes and Colors! And super… Read more

Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day with Energy

Some kids –and some adults too –are not really into having breakfast, at all. And, even though we are not… Read more

5 Tips to Make Your Kid Get Up Early Without Anyone Crying (Much)

From the creators of 9 Tips to Make Your Kid Sleep Without the Whole Thing Becoming a Drama arrives How… Read more

School Then Vs. School Now: What’s Better?

School is clearly a topic we like. We already talked about going back to school and about how to deal… Read more

Best Chores for Kids by Age

Asking a kid to set the table for lunch is usually a total pain. So much so that many times… Read more

Reading: At What Age Should I Expect my Kid to Do It?

Do you remember reading (or rather pretending to read) your favourite stories when you were a little kid? Or begging… Read more

Full Moon Lamp: Your Kid (and Everyone) Will Love It!

First time we saw a full moon lamp on the internet, we just fell in love with it. They look… Read more

Screens for Learning: Are They Really Useful?

We love screen time, you know that. We believe screens are a great tool when it comes to learning. We’ve… Read more

9 Tips to Make Your Kid Eat Veggies (and Actually Enjoy Them)

It’s time we stopped the war on broccoli. Let’s leave behind all those fights over eating all the greens. Let’s… Read more

9 Tips to Make Your Kid Sleep Without the Whole Thing Becoming a Drama

You struggle with sending your kid to sleep every day? You are not alone. At all. Personal experience moment: before… Read more

Chalkboard Paint: Make the World Their Canvas!

As we’ve said before, kids like to express their most creative selves in many different ways. Some of them are… Read more

Active Learning Vs. Passive Learning: What’s Best for My Kid?

Let’s start off by explaining what active learning and passive learning mean, and then we’ll move onto what’s best for… Read more

8 tips to make your kid not hate homework

Now kids are back to school, let’s get to something we all (parents) worry about: homework. Many times, we feel… Read more

Homemade Playdough: how to make it

Toddlers and kids love making things with their hands. That’s a fact. Whether it’s something harmless like making shapes and… Read more

5 ways to develop fine motor skills

In most cases, kids learn to walk, jump and run without much encouragement needed. We could say they learn to… Read more

School Summer Holidays Around the World

Oh… summer holidays. How we wish we could get back to school and get almost 3 months off every summer. Three… Read more