Full Moon Lamp: Your Kid (and Everyone) Will Love It!

DIY full moon lamp

First time we saw a full moon lamp on the internet, we just fell in love with it. They look soooo nice. Like, every room with a full moon lamp automatically looks 29283 times better. We even thought of buying one, but having watched Art Attack as kids, we just felt like we could really make it ourselves. Specially after our latest DIY success: our amazing homemade playdough.

And it was indeed a great idea, because it’s actually super easy to make, and it will make your kid feel like the ultimate space explorer! Continue reading “Full Moon Lamp: Your Kid (and Everyone) Will Love It!”

Chalkboard Paint: Make the World Their Canvas!

chalkboard paint lernin blog

As we’ve said before, kids like to express their most creative selves in many different ways. Some of them are OK, some of them are a bit of a pain in the neck inconvenient, like painting on walls. Thing is, wouldn’t you paint on a wall if you could? We’d definitely do it! So, why not dedicate some space of your house to this activity? It will be fun not only for kids, but for the whole family! You’ll just need one thing: chalkboard paint. Continue reading “Chalkboard Paint: Make the World Their Canvas!”

Homemade Playdough: how to make it

homemade playdough recipe lernin games blog

Toddlers and kids love making things with their hands. That’s a fact. Whether it’s something harmless like making shapes and “snakes” out of playdough, or something a bit more inconvenient, like expressing “their deepest thoughts” by grabbing some paint and using the walls as canvas –something we will talk about very soon, by the way –. Since we’d all rather they picked the former option, we’ve thought it would be cool to share with you this super easy homemade playdough recipe.

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