Lernin: Animals

With the games within lernin: Animals, kids from 2 to 5 years old will learn about animals and the way the live while having fun. Let them get in touch with nature, the different ecosystems animals inhabit, the food they eat... Turn your kid into an animal lover!

Lernin: Numbers and Maths

Lernin: Maths and Numbers is a collection of educational numbers and maths games for kids and toddlers. It is thought and designed for kids from 2 to 5 years old to learn the numbers and basic maths while having fun. Memory games, sorting numbers games, addition and subtraction games...

Lernin: Shapes and Colors

"Lernin: Shapes and Colors" is a collection of 16 educational mini games thought and designed for kids and toddlers to learn basic geometrical shapes and colors while having fun. Memory games, coloring games, drawing games, puzzles…

New educational mini games are added regularly to help your kid or toddler learn more and more about shapes and colors, so stay tuned for updates! Have fun lernin!

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