The Team

As parents, we are aware of the vast amount of apps and games there are on the different app stores. However, we wanted to make something different. Something that turned screen time into quality time.

We know kids need constant stimuli, that’s why we are continuously building new apps and games, so they never get bored. We also know kids just wanna have fun, which is why all our games are designed to make kids learn without even realising!

So, who are we?

We are a team –or a bunch, you name it –of people who love learning and want to pass this passion for learning onto kids.

And, even though they might not be in the office with us, we want to introduce you to a key part of the team: the inhabitants of the lernin universe, who will walk alongside your child on this fun road to learning.

the lernin team: nikola, jane, alan, mick and frida


Alan might look a bit grumpy at first (he does it on purpose), but he actually has a heart of gold. He is practical and wise, perfect to help your kid with Maths!

Alan: maths and numbers | lernin


Frida is fierce yet smiling, very optimistic and creative. Totally ahead of her time. Her job is to awaken your child’s love for art.

Frida: Colors, Art, Drawing and Painting | lernin


Nikola’s brain is always buzzing! Sometimes we all wish we could get into his head in order to understand the way he thinks! He will always make sure your child’s thirst for knowledge never goes away.


Jane might seem quiet and calm, but hear head is full of wonderful stories that she’s looking forward to sharing with your child.

Jane: ABC, Words, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing | lernin


Wolfie is pure genius. He’s always been. We can’t think of anyone better than him to help your kid fall in love with music.

Wolfie: Music, Instruments and Sounds | lernin