School Summer Holidays Around the World

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Oh… summer holidays. How we wish we could get back to school and get almost 3 months off every summer. Three months for just going to the beach, swimming, travelling, binge-watching our favourite shows…

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Well, sorry for being the party pooper here, but we can’t do that anymore. Now, we just get to see our kids enjoy this endless break and try to live it through their eyes (yay, fun…).

But hey, we didn’t come here to make you feel awful for not having a long summer break. We just came here with a question…

Did you know summer holidays vary (big time) across countries?

They can go from a couple of weeks in places like the Kashmir Valley (in India) or South Korea to up to 4 months in Kuwait. And they can even include Christmas! Australians and Argentinians (among many others) celebrate Christmas during their summer break.

So, now summer holidays have just started, or are about to start, or aren’t even close to starting, let us share with you how different summer school breaks can be around the globe:

1. United States

In the US, summer holidays vary across regions: while in most northern states they last from late June to early September; in most southern and western states, they go from late May to mid August.

Regardless of the state, summer holidays in the US last around 12 weeks. Not bad!

2. United Kingdom

In the UK, summer holidays last 5 to 7 weeks. They generally start late July and kids get back to school early September.

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3. Republic of Ireland

Might be very close to the UK, but their school holidays seem a lot more appealing! In Ireland, kids start their holidays in the last week of May, and get back to school early September! Now we are talking…?

4. Japan

In Japan, summer vacation lasts around 40 days (5-6 weeks), from around July 20th to August 31st. Another curious thing about Japan is that their school year starts in April –straight after their spring break –so their summer holidays don’t mark the end of a school year like it usually does in the rest of the world.

5. Australia

Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, summer holidays take place in December, January and February. That means summer holidays include Christmas and New Years holidays.

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The duration of their Christmas school holidays are determined by each state’s Department of Education, but they generally last 6 weeks.

6. India

Since India is a huge country, it faces different climate conditions across its territory at the same time. That’s why there are different dates for summer holidays in the country.

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In northern India, school vacation goes from mid-May to early July (around 6 weeks). However, in the Kashmir Valley, summer holidays only last 10 days, but they have a long winter break that goes from mid-December to the end of February.

In North-East India, summer vacations go from mid-May and last 5 weeks, covering the hottest month of the year. Whereas in central India, summer holidays start mid-April, and kids get back to school mid-June. And in southern India, school ends the last week of March and begins again early June.

7. Philippines

In Philippines, summer holidays typically start late March and finish at some point between the first and the third week of June. That kind of means summer holidays are pretty much spring holidays. The reason for this is that March to June is their dry season, and their new school year starts in June, at the beginning of their wet season.

8. South Korea

In South Korea, summer break is not what we’d call a long break, but more like a long weekend. Their summer holidays go from end of July to mid-August. But they do get a long winter break that starts the last week of December and ends the first week of February.

9. Colombia

Due to its equatorial climate, schools in Colombia run two different calendars:

  • Calendar A: 3 weeks to one month in June or July and two months off around Christmas. Public schools and some private schools adopt this calendar.
  • Calendar B: long break in July August and 4 to 6 weeks off around Christmas. Only some exclusive private schools adopt calendar B.

Something similar happens in Ecuador: the Coastal region’s vacation takes place in January or February, whereas in the Sierra region, summer vacation happens in July or August.

So now you are an expert on summer holidays, tells us which country’s holidays seem more appealing to you!

And remember, no matter how long or how short your holidays are, it’s always a good time for lernin! Let your kids learn while having fun with our educational games for kids, available on the App Store and on Google Play!?

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