So… what’s this whole lernin thing about?

what's lernin blog

If you already know us and (therefore) already have our app Lernin: Shapes and Colors for kids, you will sure already have a slight idea of what we do. If this is the first time you ever see the name “lernin” and you are and wondering what the heck this all is about, let us brief you in just one sentence:

We build cool educational games for kids.

You can find our Lernin: Play to Learn – the best tool for preschool on Google Play and the App Store. Isn’t that cool?


Yeah, sure, lernin, that’s very cool, but is that it?


Nicole Richie doing a hair flip from what's lernin - lernin blog

As we said on our web, we are parents too, so we know kids can be tricky some often times, that’s why we’d love to help out in every way we possibly can!

With lernin: Play to Learn – the best tool for school your child will learn math, ABC, music, science and art while having fun!

Besides, well, there’s this blog. Here, we will share DIY ideas for you to make with your kid (or for them to make by themselves!), healthy recipes even the pickiest of kids will love, tips, major updates of our apps and a lot more stuff!

Ok, fine. Sounds good. How can I know when you post something new?

Well, we are quite active on Facebook, so you can like our Facebook page to stay up to date –or follow us on Instagram and Twitter –. You can also subscribe to our mailing list. We will send you a nice email once a month with our picks of the month. What can we say, we love social media.?

So this is it (for now), we’ll be back very soon (not like a threat, more like a good thing) with more cool stuff!

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